The Board Meeting

Demo week at Casey’s place!

March 2021

Well, it is demo week at Casey’s place with a lot of prep by Casey’s grandparents Mel & Clinton. Then in came Rob Wilson & his son Matt to pull down the old pergola.

Casey was wrapt to see all the activity and belly laughed at the sound of the drills and ratchet drivers.

Mel said he sat on his chair and supervised the workmen [much to their delight] and took a real shine to Rob & Matt who took time for a chat and a cuddle with Casey.

Next up we will break up and remove all the old concrete, then install the new roof and lay new concrete, all before starting on the gardens and play area.

It is a huge project but we are getting so much support, it is heart-warming. We are in need of someone to do the plumbing and drainage before the slab goes down and a couple of chippies to help assemble the garden beds.

If you feel you can help just reach out to our project manager, Jason at iLandscape on 0459 015 799 or register your support with Todd & Sami on 92.7 MIX FM.

What else has been going on...

March 2021

Aubery gets an iPad

Another iPad delivered today as part of our Communication for Kids program sponsored by the great team at Mooloolaba Rotary.

February 2021

A safe car for the school run

This week we helped a single mum of 6 with repairs to her old Landrover Discovery.

End of an era

After 20 years of fundraising to help local families with disabled kids, our Trustee has retired, requiring the charity to close. Thank you so much for your support and for helping make our charity the success it was.