The Board Meeting

Sunshine Coast Guardian Program

What is the Guardian Program? Prepare to be blown away.

The Board Meeting Guardian Program assists families who have problems that aren’t simply solved by a one-off payment or piece of equipment or therapy. Many of these families have disabled children with high needs and 24/7 care that cause parents to simply burn out and shatter. The program offers urgent respite care for the kids and provides the parents with a short break to recuperate and refresh. The cost of professional care is well beyond anything these families could afford so the charity meets all those costs and arranges for free accommodation and sometimes even activities for the parents.

The costs of respite care are high but we remain committed to helping these families and ask for community groups, individuals, syndicates of friends, families and businesses to become Guardians and commit to just $250/month for 1 year. This will guarantee a family 2 weekends of professional respite care per year and an opportunity to change the cycle of physical and mental wear.

How Can I Become a Guardian?

Guardianship is very simple and can be done over the phone with Mark Skinner from The Board Meeting on 0411 477 390.

A special reward All Guardians are rewarded with 2 free tickets to one of our gala events, and you can invite as many extra paid guests as you like. Food, drinks, entertainment and a hell of a good time is all included.

The Guardian Program is your chance to make a difference to the lives of Sunshine Coast families and kids with disabilities.

“We were so close to giving up our child. We just couldn’t cope any longer. We hadn’t had a day without trauma in more than 4 years. Knowing someone out there is thinking of us is so wonderful. Your support helped us save our marriage and I don’t know what would have happened to our daughter if we separated. We understand our lives will never be easy but the respite care you arranged has given us new strength.”

Our big-hearted guardians

Below is a list of the Guardians who have stepped up to make a difference in the lives of Sunshine Coast families with kids with severe disabilities. These people have great hearts.

  • Rotary Club of Mooloolaba
  • In Focus (The Steinhardt Family)
  • Just Better Care
    (Anthony Sandy)
  • John and Caroline Hutchinson
  • Rob Wilson
  • Ian Heffernan
  • Kim Christiansen
  • Remi and Lara Rafter
  • Gowan Lea Timbers

End of an era

After 20 years of fundraising to help local families with disabled kids, our Trustee has retired, requiring the charity to close. Thank you so much for your support and for helping make our charity the success it was.