The Board Meeting

Funding families

Principally, the Board Meeting assists local* families with severely disabled children.

Funding is generally limited to medical and learning aides, therapy or equipment that will improve the overall life of the child. In the past, this has included mobility equipment like wheelchairs and walking frames, speciality seating and standing apparatus, specialised bedding, orthopaedic products, learning technology and software, safe play and sensory equipment, lifting equipment, feeding aides, special therapy, emergency respite care and in-home modifications for improved care.

All requests for funding are required to come via the child’s medical practitioner, occupational therapist or professional care worker outlining the need for funding and how the goods or services being supplied will assist the child.

Basic criteria for funding includes:

  • Age – must be under 18 years of age
  • Location – must be a resident of the area where the chapter operates, i.e. *Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Northern Rivers.
  • Financial status – the family must have exhausted all other avenues including personal funding.

Other ways we help

We also run special programs for kids with mental disabilities that include learning, physical fitness, surfing, yoga and art.

Through our Guardian Program we also link non-surfing benefactors with families in desperate need of respite.

Like what we do?

No matter how big or small your donation, every cent will go directly to local families in need to make a direct change in the lives of disabled kids. Make a donation now to The Board Meeting Surf Charity by credit card using our safe payment gateway.

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