Who We Are

The Board Meeting Surf Charity was started in 2005 by a group of surfers looking to help Sunshine Coast kids with disabilities through a variety of surf-related events. Run completely by a dedicated group of volunteers and supported by the local business and surfing communities, the charity raises much-needed funds for families who have fallen through the cracks of Government support, are doing it extremely tough financially and have children with needs those of us with healthy kids could hardly fathom.

To date The Board Meeting has raised in excess of $1,750,000 and every single dollar has gone to the local families we support. All operating and administration costs are absorbed by our wonderful committee and sponsors. This proves without a doubt that surfers have big hearts when it comes to helping out those in the community.

Whilst we have helped over 200 kids already, there are always more families we can help.

The Board Meeting (Registered Charity Number CH1741)


Members of the board

Mark Skinner


Managing Director, Mark Skinner Advertising

Jason Desmond

Committee Member

Lending Manager – Fox Finance Group

Adelaide Prentice

Committee Member

Retired QA Manager

Guy Gibbons

Chairman of Trustees

Managing Director, Bennett Carroll Solicitors

Paul Prentice

Committee Member

Retired IT Engineer

Maree Machin

Commitee Member

Director,    Tractag.com

Ash Watts

Committee Member

Relationship Manager – ANZ

Cameron Davidson

Committee Member

Managing Director, SE QLD Property Rentals

Jess Robinson


Administrator, Bennett Carroll Solicitors

John Finlay

Committee Member

Managing Director, World Surfaris

Bev Skinner

Committee Member

Administrator, Mark Skinner Advertising

Kevan Dacey

Commitee Member