2017 Lunch Auction Items - The Board Meeting

2017 Lunch Auction Items

2017 Legends of Long Lunch Auction

Absentee bidding

If you cannot attend the lunch but would like to bid:

  • Email glenn@kook.com.au with the item and your bid.
  • If you would like to place phone bids on items during the day please send email to glenn@kook.com.au. We will co-ordinate a committee member to be assigned to you and call you when your item is coming up for auction on the day.

Please note: you and you alone will be responsible for your bidding. By bidding you are aware The Board Meeting and its members make no promises of guarantees about the condition or authenticity of the goods you are bidding on. We will do our best to store items if you cannot attend the auction after-party to collect the goods, but you agree that your are responsible for full payment, safety and collection of the goods from the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer.

Items going to auction


“Sunny Coast Heaven” mural board by Owen Cavanagh.

In a tribute to Spiro Theodosiou, Richie Coombs and Owen’s late brother Jason. We were absolutely honoured to know Owen used his brother’s personal board as the canvas for this art. The Sunshine Coast is truly blessed to have a guy like Owen. In case you didn’t know, he’s the guy who painted the epic barrel mural on the shed in the canefields near Coolum.

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